Saber – Artoria Pendragon

A legendary king of Britain. Also called the King of Knights.

Artoria is a childhood name and, upon being raised as a king, she began to be called King Arthur.In an age when chivalry had lost its beauty, with a holy sword in her hands, she brought about a brief moment of peace and final prosperity to Britain. A man in historical fact, but it seems that in this world she was a cross-dressing beauty.


  •  Easily flung a stone slab weighing several tons into the air.

Along with her roar, the clump of air pressure—which had the momentum to sweep away an army of thousands and was supported by the release of prana – impacted heavily on the top of the stone slab; the slab, which looked as if it must weigh at least several tons, was easily flung into the air. It completely defied the laws of physics that the slender wrist of a young girl could carry out such a grand feat; this was the godly skill transcending normalcy that only a Servant could possess.

 -Fate/Zero: Act 14
  • Destroys the surroundings fighting against Lancer

The wind that followed the swinging of weapons crudely severed the lamp post in half. Irisviel could no longer see the movements carried out at such high speeds. She was only feeling the after-shock of the conflict between the two.

The peeling sheet iron on the outer walls of the warehouses was ripped away by the wind from Irisviel’s side as if it was a piece of coiled tin foil. She could not comprehend how the iron can be torn away. Perhaps it was Saber’s sword or Lancer’s spear that brushed against its adjacent hollow space. Apart from that, she could not come up with any other explanation.

 -Fate/Zero: Act 3




  • Materializes her armor:

    Saber cannot dematerialize, but she can materialize her battle outfit and then cancel it. In other words, Saber’s armor is knit out of prana, and it is not material in the present reality like the clothes Irisviel bought.

  • Armor absorbs blows

  • Almost gets cut in half but still stands

  • Regenerates wound a hour later

  • General Healing

  • Very high magic resistance (Most of her stats are lower than usual because Emiya is a terrible Master)

  • Fights for hours, fearlessly, against Vortigern the Dragon after Excalibur’s light had been almost completely taken:

    The battle raged several hours. The throne room caved in, and the dragon summoned dark clouds with its roar and increased its size to great proportions, destroying the citadel in the process. The neck of the dragon manifested, engulfing weapons, corpses, and wreckage of the citadel in its wake.

    The King must have known that Vortigern was Britain itself. The Usurper had appeared as the will and avatar of the island. The ruler of a small tribe who drank the blood of a dragon had lost his humanity long ago. The King’s magical power may be great and his holy sword able to burn the land, but all of the island of Britain was the body of his adversary.

    It would have been apparent to anyone’s eyes that victory was futile. It was like an ant challenging a person. Once I recovered, I advised the King to retreat while guarding his back. The King like always embraced his fear and looked up into the sky.


Noble Phantasm

  • Invisible Air

    • Can create a wall of air
    • Strike Air
    • Uses wind as speed boost
    • Without it, Excalibur’s sharpness is increased by almost over 10x:

      Higashide: Incidentally, does the sharpness of Excalibur vary when covered with and without Invisible Air?

      Nasu: It varies considerably. The destructive power of this golden version is overwhelmingly superior. If the power when in Invisible Air is 80-90, the golden version is about 1000.

  • Excalibur

    • Covers a city and destroys thousands of black creatures
    • At least as powerful as a nuke as the heroic spirit Karna’s Brahmastra Kundala (which is like Excalibur) is likened to a nuclear weapon with a A+ rank while Excalibur has A++:

      ■ Brahmastra Kundala: O Brahma, Curse Me

      Rank: A+

      Type: Anti-Country Noble Phantasm

      Range: 2~90

      Maximum Targets: 600 People

      The Anti-Country Noble Phantasm Karna got from the Brahman Parashurama.

      It is a bow if his class is Archer, in other classes it manifests as a projectile. Granted Karna’s fiery attribute, one blow is likened to a nuclear weapon.

    • Atomized the Gigantic Horror:

      It was –

      “Ex – calibur!!!”

      Light galloped.

      Light roared.

      The prana, accelerated by the factor of the released dragon, became a streak of light, a swirling and surging torrent that devoured the sea demon together with the dark night.

      A silent scream rose within the river water evaporating in an instant, as every single atom composing the body of the giant sea demon that had been the embodiment of terror were exposed to the scorching impact.

            -Fate/Zero: Act 10
    • Can do a quick Excalibur blast that is able to kill Berserker

  • Avalon – Unactivated, unless Saber’s head is crushed she can regenerate from any wound and negate magical afflictions in the matter of seconds. When activated, Avalon forms a small barrier which displaces Saber from reality and puts her in the world of Fairies. In short it renders any physical attack useless, as well as capable of nullifying all the five True Magics and even Gilgamesh’s Enuma Elish, a dimension-splitting attack. It is unknown exactly how long it can be activated but avalon is a bounded field which means that the field lasts as long as it can be sustained without breaking down from its own construction.

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